The Convenience Economy Podcast with Chris White and Greg Dickinson, CEO @ Omedym

June 21, 2022

In this conversation between Kerry, Chris, and Greg, they explore the need for training and management of sales engineers and the various tools that are needed to help presales teams become more sophisticated and successful.  As the president of Presales Mastery, Kerry Sokalsky focuses his attention on 1-on-1 demo call coaching to help sales engineers improve their demos and understand what the priorities are when demoing.  Chris White has a similar goal of training and leading sales engineers because he saw a void during his years in the field.  His book, The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, was one of the first guides for SEs to follow and use to build their role.  Kerry and Chris came together to establish The Presales Buyer’s Guide, a first- of- its- kind website that provides actionable resources to members of the software sales community.

Episode Notes

In one of Omedym’s first group podcasts, Kerry and Chris share details that make their most recent training tool stand out. Here are some of the takeaways from this conversation:

  • Kerry and Chris have very different backgrounds in sales and used that to their advantage when creating the document.
  • They did not want vendors to have to pay to be included, they wanted as much organic and accurate data as possible without potential financial restrictions.
  • The vendors were all placed into their own subcategory to make the information simpler, but the guide is still very dense with information.
  • Sales leaders can use this to help them find where their weaknesses may be and where they should be putting most of their investment.
  • The website is always being updated so information does not get outdated like it would in a book or print document.
  • All of the resources are available free for anyone to use.

Greg finishes by asking Chris and Kerry what the next steps are with a guide like this, will there be services associated? What will be their target areas going forward?

The Convenience Economy Podcast

Podcast Episode

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