The Presales Buyer’s Guide

April 4, 2022

Chris White and I join Ramzi Marjaba on his We The Sales Engineers podcast to discuss the Presales Buyer’s Guide. In this podcast, we share the reason behind our collaboration, observations of the presales buyers and vendors in the space, and how we segmented the market into five Focus Areas to help presales leaders better understand how and where to focus investments in their team.

Key Takeaways from the podcast include:

✅ Why we decided to collaborate with each other
✅ What we wanted to accomplish with the Guide
✅ Observations of the change in investment and launch of presales-focused solutions over the past two years
✅ Help presales leaders and sales leaders make more informed buying decisions
✅ Why we dedicated to spending more time working on this and wanting to help the SE community
✅ The five Focus Areas or subcategories that emerged as a result of our research
✅ Some disruptive truths we uncovered as we wrote the report

The Presales Buyer’s Guide can be found at:

Podcast Video

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