Most Demos Suck

  • Spray and pray focus on features and functionality
  • Unstructured, lacking agendas, logical flow, and with poor time management
  • Narrations instead of conversations
  • Generic and too high-level
  • How-to training sessions in disguise
  • Lack of vision and uninspiring
  • No differentiation against competitors

Typical Training Solutions
Don’t Work

  • Demo training is easily forgotten
  • Enablement programs aren’t focused on individual needs
  • Managers don’t have time to coach individuals
  • They’re often out of context and don’t mimic real-world behavior

How We’re Different

  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching to target each individual’s unique needs/gaps
  • 3-month engagements to reinforce new skills and build sales muscle memory
  • Coaching on actual recorded demos to provide feedback on real-world performance
  • Feedback can be revisited as often as needed on our online coaching platform

Our Method

We use an advanced online coaching platform to provide monthly feedback using pre-recorded demos to real prospects/clients to ensure reps get feedback on their actual sales behaviors.

Individuals are provided feedback on each demo in a number of ways:

Detailed Demo Feedback

30-50 points of feedback target opportunities for improvement and suggested best practices

Demo Performance Scorecard

Our proprietary Demo Performance Scorecard includes over 90 metrics across 13 categories to objectively measure each rep’s progress, and compare performance across the team

Conversation Analytics

Insight into overall meeting performance from key call metrics including pace, speaker change frequency, and the percentage of time talking vs listening

One-on-One Debrief Call

After feedback is reviewed on the coaching platform, a follow-up call is held to dig deeper and explore additional topics

Benefits Our Clients Realize

  • Improved Deal Progression and Win Rates
  • Increased Average Deal Size
  • Free Up Sales Leadership’s Time
  • Better Insight into Rep & Team Performance
  • Reduction or Elimination of Siloed Learning
  • Accelerated Onboarding & Field Readiness
  • Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction

Consulting & Other Services

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