Overcoming the Myths around Presales Compensation

November 10, 2021

Getting compensation right is critical.  Compensation drives behavior and the competition for talent is fiercer than ever in Presales.  The wrong right compensation plans risk inferior performance, higher attrition and turnover, and a weaker recruiting position for new talent.

I recently had the pleasure of presenting and hosting a panel for the 2021 Presales Leadership Collective’s Executive Summit with Ted Briggs from Better Sales Comp Consultants, Jeff Margolese from ServiceNow, and Jo Ann Powers from Oracle.

Ted and I discussed why getting compensation right is so important, best practices in Presales compensation design, and debunk many of the common myths around Presales compensation, shedding light on why presales shouldn’t be averse to individual quota plans, and why non-revenue generating activities don’t need to be compensated.

Jeff and Jo Ann then discussed the types of plans their organizations are leveraging, and the types of compensation mechanisms and approaches they’re using to help increate retention and attract new hires.

Check out the session below:

Podcast Video

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