Storytelling in Demos, Improving Sales-Presales Collaboration & How to Close Your Demos & Meetings Effectively.

September 29, 2022

How are you making your sales demos resonate with your prospect? Whether you are an AE in sales delivering a discovery demo or a sales engineer delivering a more mature demo, being able to craft and execute a compelling story is key to success.

On September 29th, I joined a fantastic group of sales leaders to discuss the following:

🔺 Leveraging closed won ops, customer stories, and discovery to craft your story
🔺 What are the differences between the demo an AE delivers versus an SE
🔺 How AEs and SEs can improve collaboration on demo creation and execution
🔺 How to effectively close your demos and meetings

Panel Participants
💥 Joe Caprio, Operating Partner at Glasswing Ventures
💥 Kerry Sokalsky, President & Founder at Presales Mastery
💥 JM Wilke, VP of Operations at Scott Leese Consulting
💥 Amber Fallon, Sales Engineer at Ometria
💥 Christopher Garafola, Senior Content Marketing Manager Reprise

Webinar Recording

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