Sales & Presales Best Practices

October 27, 2022

Can talking about sales and presales be fun? Umm, yeah!

Had an absolute blast discussing sales and presales best practices with James “Saywhatsales” Buckley from Sell Better by JB Sales and Nick Capozzi from Demostack.

My fellow Torontonians will appreciate the great backdrops, including almost getting tossed out of the Eaton Center mid-session 🤣

Topics we cover include (yep, there’s a lot):
✅ Skills to get new SDRs ramped up
✅ Personalizing emails at scale
✅ Content is the road to connection
✅ Qualification vs. Discovery – Building rapport
✅ Where SEs and AEs can be more efficient
✅ James’ methodology for an effective SDR
✅ One piece of tech that every SE needs
✅ One piece of tech that every AE needs (outside of the basic CRM)
✅ Content-led growth in Graffiti Alley
✅ Breaking through the noise
✅ Communities and how to leverage them
✅ Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to get into the conversation

Webinar Recording

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