Demo Tip of the Week

February 27, 2022

Today’s demo tip is all about customizing your demo so that it resonates with the customer.

As a presales professional, we often have to present demos to different customers in various industries 🏬 and geographies 🗺️. Have you ever given a demo where the client gets hung up on a particular data point 📊 or label 📈 in your presentation that they start to ask you questions like:

“Where did you get your data? 🤔”

Or even worse decide to cut the meeting short ⏱️ because:

“You don’t understand our business! 😡”

Or perhaps you’re demoing to a 🛒 RETAIL 💳 brand and the client asks:

“Why are you showing me a demo with ☎️ MOBILE phone 📱 transactions?”

Been there?

Then this video’s for you…

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