Helping software sellers win more deals with personalized 1-on-1 demo call coaching

Improve demo performance by 24%

* Average client results over 3-month coaching engagements

Helping software sellers win more deals with personalized 1-on-1 demo call coaching

Our clients see an average demo performance improvement of 24%

Why You Need Demo Coaching

It Has the Biggest
Impact on Win Rates

Companies with dynamic
coaching programs have 28%
higher win rates

CSO Insights

… But Most
Are Too Busy

of sales managers spend
less than 5% of
their time coaching

Corporate Executive Board

Expect It

of reps will leave an
organization if their
manager is a poor coach

Zenger Folkman

Sales Training
Doesn’t Work

of content from one-time
sales training is forgotten
within 30 days

CSO Insights

What Presales Mastery Provides

Our Process

Using an online coaching platform, we coach recorded prospect demos to
provide feedback on real-world performance.


25-40 points of feedback that target opportunities
for improvement and suggested best practices


103 Demo Best Practice metrics to objectively measure each individual’s
coaching progress, and compare performance across the team


Insight into meeting management performance
from key call metrics


After feedback is reviewed online, a follow-up call is
held to dig deeper and explore additional topics

Each individual’s unique needs and skills gaps are addressed over
3-month engagements to reinforce new learning and build sales muscle memory for lasting improvements.

What We Deliver

Increase win
rates by 10%+

Turn B & C players
into A players

Grow average deal
size by 15%

Shorten field
readiness time by 30%

Recent Clients

Recent Clients

Client Testimonials

Presales Mastery made a huge impact in a short amount of time with my solution engineering team. Kerry put in place a comprehensive system of training and feedback that relied on observing my team in real customer situations, and providing immediate and practical coaching. The results were noticeable in weeks. My team quickly became more effective communicators and our customer engagements were getting better results.


Overall, this was the best investment in time and money we made in getting the team up-skilled for consultative selling.

We have used Presales Mastery to upskill our Presales team multiple times, each with excellent results.  The level of depth and breadth of the feedback that Kerry provided for each demo was astounding, bringing an extremely broad set of perspectives and best practices to bear.


We saw immediate improvement with our newer SEs, who were able to much more effectively articulate our value, and take a more proactive role in the overall ownership of the demo presentation.  Our more experienced SEs were very receptive to Kerry’s objective expertise, identifying and eliminating any bad habits and benefiting from a fresh perspective to further improve their delivery.


In addition to the coaching, Presales Mastery’s Demo Scorecard, which Kerry customized to align with our sales engagement model, is like the ultimate demo sales playbook, giving our team a cheat sheet into how to deliver at an expert level.


I would highly recommend Presales Mastery if you’re looking to improve your team’s demo performance.

I used Kerry as an individual Presales coach for our Presales Team.  We worked with Kerry to come up with custom key observations and coaching points that would be used during the coaching period.  Kerry then used his comprehensive coaching platform to observe each individual’s demos and provide extensive feedback on what they could do to make their demos even better.  Kerry spent a large amount of time on each person and even created videos to focus the individual on the top three items to focus on.  The team responded well to Kerry’s coaching and every person improved over the course of the coaching engagement.


Kerry brought his expertise to the coaching engagements and helped us set up a program where each team member could be successful.  I would recommend Kerry to any organization who wants to keep improving their Presales skills.

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